Pattaya Travel Guide

1.       Coral Islands – Coral Island, also known as Coral Lorn, is a 45-minute boat ride from Pattaya Pier to paradise. With sparkling water and fine white sand, Thailand’s Coral Island or Koh Lorne (Co Lawn) has been transformed into paradise. About 7.5 miles off the coast of Pattaya, Coral Island is a great day trip for water sports, scuba diving and snorkeling lovers.

2.       Alkazar Show – Alkazar Pattaya has a unique reputation for his worn cabaret shows. There are amazing costumes, cute ladyboys and cute stage sets to entertain you with amazing games. Alcazar Cabaret on stunning display with beautiful sets and costumes. Like Moulin Rouge in Paris, Alcazar Cabaret performs wonderful dance and music and country-

3.       Alcazar Show – Alcazar is famous for the cabaret shows that Pattaya wears. There are amazing costumes, cute ladyboys and cute stage sets to entertain you with amazing games. Alcazar Cabaret on stunning display with beautiful sets and costumes. Like Moulin Rouge in Paris, Alcazar Cabaret puts together an amazing dance and music game with light technology and sound systems. Choose from the many options that specify the time, seats and hotel transfers you need and enjoy the 70-minute performance that has been one of Pattaya’s top attractions for decades.

4.       Pattaya Beach: Four miles (4 km) of sand known as Pattaya Beach Rank among the local beaches. The paved beach is always open day and night, with beach parties and beach road restaurants numerous water sports – windsurfing, jet skiing, cycling or banana boat rides – on the other side. The famous beach starts from a diving trip to the coral islands off the coast of Pattaya.

5.    Sanctuary of Truth(   Hollis Holy) – The Truck Museum’s Sanctuary Naklua is a magnificent woodworking site in the cozy Rochweat Cape in Pattaya. You should visit this place and it is the only wooden structure in the world.

The wooden temple of the Truth Sanctuary is an architectural marvel designed to showcase historical architectural ideas and to convey the principles of conformity. While learning about the historical and religious significance of wood carvings throughout the site, visit the temple to learn and learn about Thai architectural techniques not found anywhere else in the world. Install Truth’s Sanctuary and learn about wood construction techniques (no nails) Learn about Thai different philosophies and practices in each temple section See Thai Traditional Dance and Martial Arts Practice at the Sanctuary

6.       Ripley believes it or not! -If you have the courage, wander around the most extraordinary museum in the world, Reply Believe It or Not! Pattaya Museum, over 350 exhibits and exhibitions. See sections 1-7 – which include artifacts, interactive displays and artifacts – that make this place so special.

Choose each attraction or visit a total of 7 with a combo ticket. Come and enjoy the 12D Moving Theater of State of the Art Rider Ripley designed to entertain your mind and body. After that, if you like fear, dive into the nightmares of Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, which has unique horror effects and live characters.

7.       Inang Nooch Tropical Garden: Inang Nooch Tropical Garden. Elephant and Thai cultural displays take place in these picturesque vegetable gardens, which feature a magnificent collection of palm trees and orchids. Elephants play ball and basketball, and Thai dancers and players also perform historical events and Muay Thai boxing. The resort connects with 240 hectares (600 hectares) of gardens, so you can easily spend the night here if you have time. There are also a wide variety of dishes to choose from in many restaurants.

8.       Underwater World Pattaya: As the sharks and rays are falling, take a stunning view through the Underwater World Pattaya trails. This pedestrian aquarium highlights the diversity of marine life found in Thai waters, from the inhabitants of shallow rock ponds to coral reefs and sea fish.

In total, the aquarium contains more than 2,500 sea creatures, representing more than 200 species.

9.       Zomatian Beach:    Zomatian Beach is famous for its water sports, including jet skis, para sailing, scuba diving and many annual sporting events such as the World Jet Ski Event and tourist attractions. Around the world. It is home to high-end condoms, beach hotels, beaches and restaurants. A large number of Russians and Scandinavians visit or live in the area. Norway in particular has two main parts, called the Nordic and the New Nordic on Pratumnak Hill.

10.   Walking Street:  Walking Street is a fun district with a red light in Pattaya, Thailand. This street attracts tourists and tourists and Thai people, especially its nightlife. The Walking Street area has seafood restaurants, live music venues, bars, discotheques, sports bars, go-go bars, nightclubs and hotels. Even on the street, visitors are given the opportunity to watch a wide variety of sexual games, for example, including sexual acts between actors.

11.    Sriracha Tiger Zoo: A zoo with displays and activities of 400+ leopards and crocodiles, elephants and other animals. Sri Racha Tiger Zoo is a zoo located in Sri Racha, a suburb of Pattaya, a seaside town in Chonburi Province, Thailand. 97 km (60 miles) from Bangkok. The zoo has 200 tigers and 10,000 crocodiles, making it the largest in the world

12.   Pattaya Tower – With a 55-storey watchdog, you can enjoy spectacular views of the city and enjoy some of the benefits of participating in Tower Escape.

55th floor apex inspection

54th Floor is a Roundabout Meridian Restaurant

53rd Floor Restaurant at Pinnacle Revolving

52nd Floor Round Panorama Restaurant

The first high-rise temple and seafood restaurant on the east coast of Thailand, Breath Taking View, Challenge Activities,

On the 55th floor you can admire the beauty of Jomtian Bay and Pattaya city or enjoy good food, buffet lunch and seafood dinner at our tower jump, speed shuttle and our sky shuttle, Revolving Restaurant on the 52nd, 53rd and 54th floors.

13.   Tiffany’s Cabaret Show: A good night of live entertainment. Glamorously dressed Thai transgender artists – the first of their kind in Southeast Asia – introduced their artistic creativity with songs, dances and romantic stories. Decades of production attracts international audiences to their stage in Pattaya Beach.

14.    Cartoon Network Amazon Waterpark Thailand: Cartoon Network-themed water park, Cartoon Network Amazon, Feel South of Pattaya. This large water park is located in the coastal area of   Bangsarai with over 150 exciting water features.

Enjoy 30 water rides of state-of-the-art technology spread across 10 entertainment venues. After being welcomed by the cartoon network’s favorite characters, Ben 10, the PowerPuff Girls, Gumball, Darwin and others, they went to a variety of parks.

Find the right conditions for surfing at Surfarena or relax in the gentle, vibrant ocean of the mega wave, where you can soak up the sun on the sandy beaches. Cross an artificial jungle that mimics the Amazon rainforest, carry it into a tube and wander around Riptide Rapids.

Go on the omnivores and face the fastest roller coasters in the world. Climb Omnitrix and hold the speed limit as you lower the tower speed by 23 meters. In the Goop Loop, challenge yourself to a coaster that despises gravity; Its vertical 12-your vertical fall pushes you into an exciting 360-degree loop.

15.   Pattaya Floating Market: The Floating Market is located in the nearby Zomtian area south of Pattaya. Beach buses from Patta town run regularly here. Traditional market buildings above the water offer a refreshing alternative to shopping at Pattaya Floating Market. The covered roof huts are filled with Thai handmade stalls, delicious street food and souvenirs.

The Mud House Village and the Old Market are among the attractions, as well as the woodworking museum, flower show and agricultural exhibition.