Phi Phi Islands Travel Guide

The Phi phi Islands are one of the most beautiful destination in the southern part of Thailand located only 45 minutes journey from both Krabi and Phuket. those tropical islands will be the highlight of your trip offering white sandy beaches and amazing rock  formations rising from the turquoise water it is a perfect place to visit if you’re looking to experience tropical paradise at its best combined with one of the world’s most laid-back attitude.

Not to forget that those islands remain an affordable option offering  accommodations for every budget or even ideal for a day trip from the colors our 9 situated in the coastal province of krabi is one of the major departure point to the PHI PHI ISLANDS. There are  hundreds of long tail and speed boats waiting to take you to any of your favorite destination the town itself is quite small and mainly consists of one major road parallel to the beach where all the accommodations restaurants and travel agencies are looking.  

The PHI PHI ISLANDS are located in the Andaman Sea in southwest island and that part of the KRABI province they’re comprised of a group of six different islands the most important being piped on the biggest and uninhabited people a made famous by the beach movie at bamboo island and B denote those set of islands were initially known to Muslim fishermen in the 40s and later became famous for the coconuts impatient today they’re mostly known for being one of the best beach destination with thousands of tourists visiting them each year . Bamboo island is one of the smallest island in the group but offers astonishing natural beauty situated on a few kilometers north of the main PHI PHI DAWN it is a perfectly flat evergreen island with breathtaking white sand and which can easily be walked all around in less than half an hour it offers amazing crystal-clear water big waves call for coral reefs and it’s an ideal place for swimming and snorkeling less known and less crowded than its sisters H definitely be a stop when visiting the area people ate is a remarkable sound island with breathtaking coves and bays .

what is National Park status permitting only an overnight stay many believe it is the most beautiful island of them all it is blessed with two amazing base surrounded with huge rock formations appearing from the transparent Azure waters those Bay’s offer a superb marine life and is one of the most favorite spot for experienced divers it is home the El Maya Beach and the viking cave considered to be the two most popular attractions on the side all my Beach is by far the most popular destination on people a with an impressive large number of boats coming in every day .

Phi Phi Island Thailnd
Phi Phi Island Beach

The beach surrounded with beautiful green cliffs on two sides is blessed with pristine water and whites and it is the perfect tropical paradise and it’s not a surprise the famous British director Danny Boyle chose this Beach among many others to be the primary location of the movie the beach film about a community of young people living a domestic life the vacant cake is another key attraction on people ate although  currently not accessible for tourists.

The cave have many petro glyphs of Viking style vessels reviving the myth that our North European cousin could have come to Ireland to bury their treasure PIPA dawn is the biggest and only inhabited of all the six Phi Phi rings Tony site Bay and its village where the first inhabitants settled is considered the heart of the island where all the action takes place .

Mohammed Asif posing with a Long tail boat at PHI PHI ISLAND

It offers a wide array of shops restaurants , hotels and diving school . Monkey beach which can easily be accessed by both is one of Phi Phi dawn key attractions where numerous monkeys can be seen and joined the wild and the wall the Phi Phi Islands are without any doubt.

The ultimate tropical gateway and definitely make the world’s best beaches in this amazing beaches turquoise waters with colorful marine life and mind-blowing limestone cliffs surrounded with tropical jungle it has everything you need for the perfect occasion.  if you haven’t done so already a visit on those set of islands should be a top bird for more information please visit