Best travel destinations in India by Each month. To help you plan your visit browse through our guide to the best places you can visit each month.

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India always glorifies you but if you know all about the best monthly travel destinations, then you are ready for the best experience. The country’s diverse landscape is blessed with a equally diverse climate and climate. Each month brings something new to India whether it’s its colorful festivals or outdoor adventure or a free crowd season. There is snow, harsh winters, hot sun, warm summers and plentiful rains that eventually change the list of the best places to visit in a month.

Generally, the best time to visit the fall of India is between October and March. The nutritious winter season is ideal, especially for the months of December to February. Festivals, adventure games, sightseeing and much more offer great places for a month. It is actually a regular favorite holiday destination in India. In short here are the top places for the month. January is known for bands in Goa, Jaipur Literature Festival, camping in Jaisalmer and more. February is a Goa Carnival event, the Jaisalmer Desert Festival, Khajuraho Dance Festivals and ancient dance fish in Konark and Mamallapuram. March in March is a wonderful festival of colors. Goa has its own version of Shigmotsav.

Summers from April to June offer their comprehensive list of the best places to go on holiday. Mountains; The Himalayas and the vast expanse of the Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats have impressive hill stations to refresh your spirits. May and June attract visitors to Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Darjeeling, Gangtok, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Munnar and many more. River flow, camping, hiking and hiking are expensive. Also, ‘the land of the high places’ opens the doors for visitors.

From June until about October, rain falls in various parts of the country. With the sweet rain of the big rains these months they are happy. Rain lovers can still head to Kerala to experience the thrilling experience of Ayurveda or the North East to experience the ‘Abode of Clouds’ Meghalaya. It is also a wonderful time to discover the mysterious land of Ladakh.